Wout Vandevenne is a Flemish artist.

Wout Vandevenne (2001) started his artistic education at LUCA School of Arts (Ghent), where he finished his Master of Arts in Painting. 

His art consists of oil paintings, vibrant pencil drawings, and ceramic pieces, through which he explores profound and symbolic meanings derived from reality. They reflect the contrast between humor and melancholy, and allude to recognizable aspects of reality. Many figures are inspired by his personal surroundings.

The pencil drawings accentuate a direct expression; bright and striking colors capture attention. Upon closer inspection, layers are revealed, and subtle or direct details from our idioms or controversies are intertwined. The figures and narrative scenes are often placed in everyday contexts or self-invented environments, encompassing much symbolism.

With his oil paintings, he aims to combine an extensive color palette and detailed brushwork with impasto. By employing this technique, he tries to convey a certain intensity that not only reveals the narrative story but also underscores references to art history and our contemporary environment.